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Why buy your beef direct from the producer instead of at the local grocery store?
• Is it better quality?     • Does it taste better?     • Is it safer/healthier for you?     • Is it cheaper?     • In a word, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Cheaper, safer and better tasting beef to be sure, and we might add that it’s a superior product and a very convenient way to feed your family!



Our beef is bred and raised in a safe environment, free from chemical additives, hormone implants, which is very different from the mainstream feeder market that produces beef for today’s consumer. Because our steers are bred to bear specific superior traits, specifically their rib-eye size and intra-muscular fat ratios, we can sell high quality, consistent product every time. Through the use of ultra-sound technology, we are able to identify these traits prior to breeding and deliver incredible tasting beef to our customers!


There are many opinions of how beef should taste. However, once you have had HAHN Freezer Beef, we do not think you will buy grocery store beef ever again!

The incredible taste of HAHN Freezer Beef is achieved through a strategic balance of grazing time and a specific ration of all natural grains. Our feeds are all natural, with no


Our cattle are bred at HAHN Family Shorthorns, born at HAHN Family Shorthorns and raised at HAHN Family Shorthorns. Everything happens here under our family’s watchful eye.


Quality always costs something. But high quality should always be affordable for everyone.

The beef you buy from us has quality standards that are not always found in your local grocery store. You will find our beef is usually cheaper than the best beef cuts in your grocery store but far exceed those cuts in quality, taste and tenderness.


The process is simple. Contact Hahn Family Shorthorns and we will send you an order form. Once we receive your order it will be processed on a first come first serve basis since our HAHN Freezer Beef sells quickly. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to provide healthy, affordable, juicy meat for you and your family!

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